Flexible Warranty

Flexible Warranty

A flexible warranty tailored to your needs

Kuhn’s customers can select a customised warranty that precisely matches their requirements and those of their machine.

Because, for example, the same building machine can operate under completely different conditions, customised warranty coverage can benefit the customer significantly. If two identical hydraulic excavators are used for different applications, for example one for demolition and the other for excavating soft earth, then the two vehicles will be subject to completely different load and wear factors. Flexible warranty offers suitable coverage for both vehicles.

Different options and lengths 

The flexible warranty from Kuhn offers various options and lengths:

  • Full coverage
  • Full coverage, parts only
  • Power line, full coverage
  • Power line, parts only

In addition, Kuhn’s customers also benefit from flexibility regarding lengths. For example, options include 1,500 hours / 12 months or 6,000 hours / 48 months. And for large Kuhn production machines, special extended lengths of up to 10,000 hours / 72 months are available.


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