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Water Management

Water Management

TWS offer a complete tailored solution for water treatment and management, Terex Washing Systems provides a complete range of filter presses, flocculent dosing systems and thickening tanks.

The floc dosing systems are fully automated to control and adjust the flocculent according to the amount of suspended solids contained in the water.  This automation is essential for the efficient control of the system when the specification of the sludge changes during the day in terms of rates of solid particulates.
The filter press takes this treated sludge and dehydrates it, recovering up to 90% of the water, into dry panels of pressed sludge which can be easily handled, moved and disposed of.  The filter presses use high pressure technology to maintain optimal performance and only the highest quality components are used. Again, the system is fully automated through a dedicated Programmable Logic Control System (PLC).

Filter Press

100% Fully Automatic
HPT high pressure technology to filter sludge at 20 Bar
Up to 95% recovery of water
Up to 80% reduction in silt handling and transport costs

Thickener Tank

Thick sludge (over 50% solids)
Reduced costs for concrete basement 
Extra stock for sludge
Low operating cost with min. flocculent consumption


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