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Oil and Wear Analysis (KOWA)

Oil and Wear Analysis (KOWA)

Oil and wear analysis offers savings

The engines, transmissions and hydraulics of construction machinery are subject to extreme workloads every single day. This wear can have far-reaching consequences. To aid early identification and, therefore, avoid associated faults we have developed KOWA: Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis.

Using detailed analyses of oil samples, KOWA offers companies certainty that individual machine components are operating without faults.

Oil analyses protect building machines

KOWA is indispensible for identifying faults and pending engine damage early-on. In this respect, the test results are extremely revealing. Oil impurities can identify blocked filters or leaks. Taking samples is very simple. The handy sample set allows samples to be taken quickly and cost-efficiently. In addition, you benefit from a clearer overview of the performance characteristics of the used oil. Regular oil analyses protect your machinery. And building machines can be resold at a better price thanks to regular maintenance documentation.

Benefit from advantage

Once the analysis is complete, you will receive results from our laboratory by fax or email. It is also possible to view the results on our specially encrypted website: With the test results, maintenance and other planning concerning your machinery can be optimised. Especially if you manage an extensive machine fleet, KOWA can provide an entire range of advantages.  


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